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We are manufacturers of galvanised steel z (zed) purlins, cee section cladding rails and eaves beams including all the associated accessories such as speedfix sagbars, cleader angles, z purlin struts, zed purlin tie wires etc.
Our standard range of z purlins is 70mm through to 300mm in gauges from 1.2mm through to 3.2mm ,
we also manufacture a complete range of corrugated & box profile steel roofing sheets ,standing seam roofing system and all associated roofing products , below is a link to our roofing and cladding site or please call us on 0191 2672900
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we guarantee to price match or beat any genuine quotation for like for like z purlins

please phone 0191 2672900 for a quote .

If you need help regarding sizes or gauge of steel z purlins, steel c section purlins or steel cladding rails ? give us a ring and we will help you find the most suitable product.
A purlin is a horizontal structural member in a roof; purlins support the load from the roof deck, and are supported by metal beams or the building walls. They are types of cold-form steel, which is made by pressing or rolling thin sheets of metal into the desired shape; cold-formed steel is stronger than hot-rolled steel and costs the manufacturer much less than the latter. Purlins can be categorized into three main types, RHS (Rectangular hollow section) purlins, C purlins and Zed purlins. Zed purlins are cold rolled sections that are similar in physical appearance to the letter Z, they are mainly used in large roofs and as wall girt; they also have the ability to overlap at joints giving them more strength in comparison to C purlins, and due to their potential to be stronger, they can also be used as floor joists. Roofing sheets are really very light and stable and are used for commercial, industrial and residential uses. The best thing about the material is that it is able to resist both high and low temperatures and is very stable in both the cases, having a lot of uses these purlins are specially used in office buildings to protect open space and add insulating factors to help the crowded environment of offices. Zed purlins are useful for styling up roof coverings; they are available in different sizes and have proved very useful and attractive in the past. They are made from high tensile strength which serves their building requirements magnificently. Zed purlins are a symbol of advanced offices; they mark their individuality and class. There have been cases in the past when lethal documents have been ruined from leakages and drainage, z purlins can help avoid that and have all the same impact on the official looks of the office. They are not too fancy and glamorous; they are simple, classy and unique. They have always impressed people from outside the office. Their tensile strength, light weight, beautiful material and tough bodies have always served office buildings well and can be used in numerous places wherever required. Purlins themselves are very unique objects in architecture and z purlins particularly have the design and strength to raise the standard even higher. We all know that a discipline, cleanliness and solid structure have big roles to play in the success of an office and Zed purlins are not just merely an object in architecture, they are a peek into the future. They change normal offices into those elegant looking workplaces people only dream of. All in all these roof sheets are very essential for an office's safety and at the same time plays an important role in enhancing its look. There are many service providers who install them in offices for very affordable prices. There are many such vendors out there; competition is immense which means finding better deals is always possible. Compare quotes given by different service providers or simply rely on one that suits your budget and needs the most while proves to be reliable. -

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Metal z purlins

all the z purlins, cee section cladding rails and eaves beams that we manufacture are rollformed from pre-hot dipped galvanised steel S450 with a guaranteed minimum yield
strength of 450N/mm and Z275 galvanised coating. our z purlins, eaves beams and cee purlins satisfy & conform to the requirements of BS5950: Part 5 (1998). in conjunction
with on site testing
There are several z purlin fixing methods that can be used in roof or side wall conditions, all using typical z purlins and a short length section to form a jointing sleeve ,

roof z Purlin butted system
two z purlins are simply butted together and fixed onto a cleat,
This system is suitable for low loading applications with up to 9m
spans depending on section size and loading.

roof z (zed) Purlin sleeved system
This system is used where a particular loading requires the zed
purlin to span over two or more bays. the z (zed) purlins are joined
over the rafter with a z section sleeve approx 800mm long ,
the z (zed) pulins and sleeve are bolted through the cleat to form
a continuous zed purlin over the rafter this greatly increases the
stability of the zed purlin

Side wall butted zed rail system
The fixing method of the butted side
z (zed) rails is the same as the above roof system, the z (zed) rails are
simply butted together and bolted to the cleat, spans depend on
section size, the type of bracing and side wall loadings
For technical advice on any of above, please phone 0191 2672900

Side wall sleeved z rail system
fixing of the sleeved system is the same as the sleeved roof
system,the zed cladding rails are joined together with a short
length z purlin sleeve and bolted to the purlin cleat

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    About Us

    we are a family run industrial roofing & cladding company based in Newcastle ,Tyne & wear. We have been in the industrial roofing business for nearly thirty years and have manufactured corrugated / box profiled steel roofing sheets and accessories for around 20 years. As the director of the company i take pride in the fact that we still work with some of the same customers that we had when we started the business all those years ago, over the years we have invested heavily in the latest state of the art z & cee purlin rollforming machinery that help us become more efficient, more productive and enable us to make purfect quality galvanized purlins every time, For convenience we keep a wide range of galvanized steel structural sections in stock lengths on the shop floor ready for immediate collection or delivery, the structural sections available are steel zed purlins, cee section purlins, eaves beams, sagbars, z purlin struts, tie wires and associated products. We also manufacture a full range of plastisol coated steel roofing sheets, corrugated steel roofing and cladding materials including accessories such as flashings and galvanised steel gutters etc Our delivery service is throughout the UK and in most cases we can manufacture and deliver the next day from cleared funds.